Report: Danny Ferry is likely done with the Hawks

download (31)The Atlanta Hawks just finished the best season in franchise history under difficult circumstances. I think many people have forgotten about the comments that general manager Danny Ferry made about Luol Deng on a conference call with team ownership. Ferry, who has been on an indefinite leave of absence since September has been waiting to hear if he has a future with the Hawks organization. With the Hawks expected to be sold soon, a return to the team is likely out of the question for Ferry. According to Jeff Schultz of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Ferry’s time with the Hawks is likely done.


At this point, there are three scenarios for Ferry, but only two plausible ones:

• Ferry resigns: This is the favorite. It could happen any day. The Hawks likely would agree to pay off the balance of Ferry’s contract and it would allow him to make an exit statement along the lines of, “I’m proud of the work I did here but I feel it’s the best for all parties to move on.”

• Ferry is fired: It doesn’t serve anybody to have this thing end ugly, least of all Ferry, who wants to get another job (and will). But he has been resistant to leaving, loves living in Atlanta and it may come to this.

• Ferry is kept: Think “PowerBall” odds.


The only way that this could get ugly is if Ferry causes it to go to that level. He should have been fired when those comments went viral, so he should be happy that hasn’t happen yet. I think that both parties need a fresh start, especially Ferry.

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