Report: Celtics having a hard time getting lottery pick candidates to work out for them

images (25)The Boston Celtics plan to be real busy over the next couple months trying to improve their roster. Many didn’t expect the Celtics to make the playoffs with such a young team, but they did. The mindset of the organization has changed since then and now are trying to become contenders in the Eastern Conference. The Celtics have the 16th pick in the NBA Draft, but have run into a big problem. According to Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald, the Celtics are having a hard time getting lottery pick candidates to work out for them.


Sam Dekker, the Wisconsin small forward who is considered one of the upcoming draft’s more promising shooters, pulled out of a recent Celtics workout that featured some of the better wing defenders on the board, like Virginia’s Justin Anderson and Arizona’s Rondae Hollis-Jefferson.

No one wants to look bad at this time of year. And working out for the team with the 16th pick in the draft isn’t exactly a popular draw, either. The Celtics worked out six power forwards today, including Louisville’s Montrezl Harrell. All are projected to be available at spots well below No. 16.


Celtics director of player personnel Austin Ainge knows this, but says you still have to try.


“They’re making business decisions and you try to plead your case, but it’s up to them. Not really much you can do,” said the younger Ainge. “They have to pick, and they don’t want their guys to work out unnecessarily, though I say what’s the percentage that they’re there at 16? If they think it’s zero, they don’t send them. I usually think it’s higher.”


.We see this every year where a lot of players during the draft process get bad advice from their agents. Obviously, the Celtics are getting frustrated, but that’s just how things are these days



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