Redskins VP Bruce Allen says it was a no brainer to pick up option for Robert Griffin III

download (27)There were a lot of mixed feelings among Washington Redskins fans when the team announced that they were picking up Robert Griffin III $16 million option for 2016. Griffin, who has been dealing with injuries since he arrived in Washington has already been announced as the starting quarterback for the 2015 season. While some fans are still questioning that the decision, one person in the Redskins organization didn’t have any second thoughts. V.P. of football operations Bruce Allen says that it was a no brainer to pick up option for Griffin.


On picking up Robert Griffin III’s $16 million option for 2016:

“We think Robert is a starting quarterback. We’ve seen him win. We’ve seen him win big games. We know his talent. It really was a no brainer. I think if you asked us six months before it would have been the same decision.”

Asked if there was concern that the option year becomes guaranteed if Griffin is hurt, Allen said, “There’s a cost to everyone who gets hurt. I don’t see that as an individual player thing, as much as any injury is going to cost you on the salary cap.”


The faith that the Redskins front office has in Griffin could lead to their downfall. Griffin is very talented, but he has to prove that he can stay healthy for a full season.

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