Owner Dan Gilbert favorites a tweet asking about LeBron James being named player/coach for the Cavaliers

dan-gilbert-nba-playoffs-atlanta-hawks-cleveland-cavaliers-850x560I think everyone can agree that Cleveland Cavaliers head coach David Blatt was on the hot seat at certain points during the regular season. Now Blatt’s job appears to be safe but he still has his critics. After Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr made adjustments to his lineup in Game 4, the Cavs were blown out. Now there are reports that some the Cavs players want him to play some of the veterans, but that is the least of his worries. Owner Dan Gilbert, I assume is not happy with the way his team lost on Thursday. He proved that by favoring a tweet that asked when will LeBron James be named player/coach for the Cavs.





As expected, the tweet is not favorited by Gilbert anymore once someone realized what happen. Blatt needs to have an answer for Kerr’s lineup or he might find himself on the hot seat again.

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