Louis Murphy on Jameis Winston: His competitiveness reminds me of Tim Tebow

nfl_a_murphy_sk_600Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Louis Murphy will have a lot of explaining to do to Gator Nation after some comments he made about Jameis Winston. The Buccaneers just finished their first week of OTA’s and Murphy had a lot of things to say about his new quarterback. Murphy was on The End Zone onSirusM NFL Radio on Sunday and was raving about how good Winston has been. To further explain how good Winston has been this past week, Murphy compared him with a former teammate. Murphy says that Winston’sĀ competitiveness reminds himĀ of Philadelphia Eagles QB Tim Tebow.



“I saw how much of a competitor he is, and I want to play with a competitor,” Murphy said. “He competes, he really dislikes losing, he loves to win, and that’s the type of player that I want to play with, kind of similar to Tim Tebow. Tebow was the same way. He always wants to win, he wants to do anything it takes to win. I saw that in his character.”


Now I know that Murphy meant well and just trying to get his point across but Gator and Seminole fans don’t want to hear that. Both guys our arguably the best players in their school’s history, so I know that the fans are going to have a serious problem with this.

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