Jeff Van Gundy: Tom Thibodeau firing “absolutely reeked of a lack of class”

images (20)The Chicago Bulls are in the final stages of finishing up a contract that would make Iowa State head coach Fred Hoiberg their new head coach. While the Bulls are moving forward, many people are still talking about how bad they handled the firing of former coach Tom Thibodeau. One person who wasn’t thrilled about how Thibodeau was fired was ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy. The former Houston Rockets coach was on a conference call on Monday and decided this would be a good time to explain why the Bulls handled the firing very poorly.



There is a lot of truth in what Van Gundy said and Thibodeau should look at this situation as a blessing in disguise. This isn’t the first time the Bulls organization ran off a highly successful coach because he wasn’t doing things the way they wanted.

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