FSU Booster club won’t pick up third year of Bobby Bowden’s contract

bobbybowden__large-277x235Legendary Florida State coach Bobby Bowden made it clear when he left the school that he didn’t want to stay around so the new head coach won’t have to look over his shoulder. Now that Jimbo Fisher has the Seminoles back to elite status, Bowden has been coming around a lot more. Bowden signed a two-year contract with an option for a third year with Seminole Boosters, Inc. Bowden would be used to help promote the school in a positive way. Bowden found himself in the news a month ago when he said some thing about Jameis Winston on the Paul Finebaum’s radio show. Now the Florida State’s booster club won’t pick up the third year on Bowden’s contract.


The option year in Bobby Bowden’s two-year contract with Seminole Boosters, Inc. has not been renewed by the organization.

However, the Boosters will continue to schedule the legendary Florida State football coach on a per-event basis, according to Seminole Boosters President and CEO Andy Miller.

“Coach Bowden always does a great job and we look forward to working with him in future events,” Miller said.


Bowden says he knew that his contract wasn’t going to be renewed.


“They decided not to renew it. (I) wasn’t surprised at all,” said Bowden, who still lives in Tallahassee since his forced retirement following the 2009 season.

“I didn’t feel like I was earning my money, to be honest with you. I didn’t feel like I was doing enough to earn my money.”


I don’t want to speculate but I’m sure what Bowden said about Winston had something to do with his contract not being renewed. Even though he was taken advantage of by Finebaum, Bowden has to be smarter not to put himself in that position.

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