Emmanuel Sanders doesn’t think the Patriots should be Super Bowl Champions

635577892837805147-USP-NFL-Pro-Bowl-Team-Irvin-PracticeEvery since the New England Patriots got caught deflating footballs, the situation has dominated the NFL off-season. Now that Tom Brady has had hearing to reduce his suspension, it looks like this issue is finally coming to an end. But there are still some people who don’t believe that the Patriots should be champions. Once of those individuals is Denver Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders. Speaking to little kids at Ed McCaffrey’s Annual Football Camp, Sanders told the kids that he doesn’t think the Patriots should be Super Bowl champions.


“Am I mad about #Deflategate?” Sanders said, repeating the youngster’s question. “I feel like I’m on ESPN with that question. … Yeah, yeah, I’m kind of mad. I don’t think that they should be the Super Bowl champion this year.

“You aren’t supposed to cheat. Cheating is not good, especially when you’ve got guys who are working they’re butts off for 365 days out of the year and one person cheats – whether it helps them win the Super Bowl or not, they still cheated and shouldn’t be a champion.”


Sanders needs to stop crying and deal with the fact that the Patriots are the champions. Regardless of if the Patriots deflated balls or not, that they not change the outcome of those games.

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