Eli Manning says he feels more comfortable in the offense going into year two

15769541-mmmainAround this time last season, New York Giants QB Eil Manning admitted he was nervous about the new offense that Ben McAdoo was installing. The team started off slow last season but the offense started to click later in the season once Odell Beckham Jr was healthy. Now going into year two with McAdoo, many Giants fans are expecting bigger things from the offense. Manning also is expecting a better outcome because he feels more comfortable in the offense.


“It was important having this last month – watching the film, talking a lot about the mechanics, the footwork, being able to go outside with him and working on a lot of drill work,” Manning said recently during OTAs. “A lot of it is stuff I wasn’t able to do last year.  I was coming off the ankle surgery, I had a new offense – of lot of things going through the mind, trying to figure out concepts.

“This year, I understand the concepts. I’m still working on it, but I’m concentrating on the footwork and the mechanics and the timing of everything. It was great to have that this year and kind of get back to the basics of everything. I feel comfortable, I feel real good right now.”


That is exactly what Giants fans want to hear from their star quarterback. If their key players can stay healthy, the Giants could be a pretty good team in 2015.

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