Did John Calipari keep Karl-Anthony Towns down?

Karl-Anthony Towns, John CalipariWith the NBA Draft next week, the Minnesota Timberwolves have the luxury of drafting Kentucky’s Karl-Anthony Towns or Duke’s Jahlil Okafor with the first pick. While many feel like it is a toss-up on who will be picked first, some people believe that Towns shouldn’t be in this position. Ryen Russillo of Grantland interviewed three NBA scouts and they all preferred Towns. But one scout believes that the only reason why Okafor is in the conversation for the top pick is because of head coach John Calipari.


First off, that guy can shoot the rock, regardless of size. He can make a college 3, midrange, free throws. He’s great at the rim. He was arguably the most well-rounded player in college basketball to only play 20 minutes a night.

You know the story about how Dean Smith was the only person to keep Jordan under 20 points per game? It’s the same thing with Towns. Who was the one guy to keep Towns down? John Calipari. That’s how talented he is. I think he’s no. 1; he is clearly no. 1.


Well that is a very interesting take because many give Calipari credit for getting his players ready for the NBA. To be fair though, Kentucky had a lot of talent and didn’t need to rely on Towns having to dominate every night.

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