Commissioner Rob Manfred says MLB working on slowing down Tommy John injuries

download (35)Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred knows that Tommy John injuries to pitchers has been increasing lately. Usually when a pitcher has Tommy John Surgery, he is likely out of the season and has months of rehab he has to go through. Some pitchers have to change the way they pitch and others might end up calling it a career. With this injury affecting pitchers at all levels of baseball, many have looked for ways to avoid the injury. Manfred says that the MLB has working on a way to help slow down the increase of Tommy John injuries.


“We’re extremely concerned about this topic obviously,” Manfred began. “It deprives us of star quality great players for extended periods of time. Obviously has significant economic and competitive ramifications, and if you’re not concerned about those issues you’ve gotta find another job. We put together a committee over a year ago when Commissioner [Bud] Selig was still in charge. Some of the best orthopedic people in the game to look at this issue. It’s interesting, sort of a short-term, long-term thing.

“The short-term issue that they brought to us right away, just based on the age at which we were seeing these surgeries is, listen, you need to focus on what’s happening to players prior to them becoming professionals. And we took a look at that very carefully and realized that there was a shortage of standards in terms of what was appropriate for young people to pitch and how often. And we had a structural problem in the youth space, that is players playing on multiple teams. So while the team under Coach A may be very respectful of pitch counts and how much a guy is throwing, he has no idea how much the kid is throwing for Coach B. So what we did is in conjunction with USA baseball we put in the Pitch Smart program to try to establish a set of standards to improve the safety of young people, young pitchers.”


The MLB has a lot of work ahead of them when it comes to this issue, but at least they are aware and want to do something about it.

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