Aqib Talib says he knew nothing about Tom Brady deflating footballs

aqib-talib-nfl-miami-dolphins-denver-broncos-850x560As the start of training camps are getting a little closer, one story is still being talked like it happen yesterday. Tom Brady and #Delflategate is still going strong and many people are looking for answers. With Brady not saying anything, many have started to talk to some of his high-profile teammates to get their opinions. On Tuesday, it was Denver Broncos CB Aqib Talib turn as he played for the Patriots for a year and a half. Talib says that he knew nothing about Brady deflating footballs.


“Ah, no, man, I have no idea,” Talib said. “When I was there, Tom didn’t go around telling people about his footballs and stuff like that. I don’t know what happened. That’s a New England problem. We’ve got enough problems to worry about in Denver.”


I think we won’t find out the information we want to hear until Brady meets with the commissioner for his appeal.

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