According to Doc Rivers, the worst-case scenario for the Clippers is starting Lance Stephenson

NBA: Preseason-Orlando Magic at Charlotte HornetsThe Los Angeles Clippers made the first big off-season move in the NBA by trading for Charlotte Hornets guard Lance Stephenson. Since Matt Barnes is gone, many believe that Stephenson would step in for him since he can play multiple positions. But head coach Doc Rivers has a different plan in mind for the newly acquired Stephenson. Rivers was on The Beast 980 and said that the worst-case scenario for the Clippers is starting Stephenson.


“We find him, we work, we still have work to do,” Rivers said. “In the worst case and it’s not a bad case [Lance starts], and I still think that Lance is an upgrade at that position even if we wanted to start him. But I’m planning on doing more things this summer without saying much. We’re not done, clearly.”

“I like that [Stephenson] can play multiple positions — really 2, 3 and 1 — because he’s a terrific passer,” Rivers told The Beast 980. “I don’t know if I made the trade for him to be a starter, per se, I look at him really more to be a utility player that can come in and play literally three different positions for us. When you look at us, we needed toughness and more athleticism and we get that.”


It’s clear that Rivers has someone else in mind to be Barnes replacement next season. Sounds like he wants Stephenson to be the sixth man on their roster.

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