Tom Cable: “Spread offenses are a huge disservice to players”

61147College football is one of the most popular sports to watch right now. One big reason for that is the different types of spread offense that put up a lot of points. But the NFL coaches and scouts are having a hard time projecting certain players who come from spread systems. One coach that doesn’t like spread offenses is Seattle Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable. The former Raiders head coach was on 710 ESPN in Seattle on Tuesday and basically said that spread offenses are a disservice for offensive players.


“I’m not wanting to offend anybody, but college football, offensively, has gotten to be really, really bad fundamentally,” Cable said Tuesday on 710 ESPN Seattle radio. “Unfortunately, I think we’re doing a huge disservice to offensive football players, other than a receiver, that come out of these spread systems.

“The runners aren’t as good. They aren’t taught how to run. The blockers aren’t as good. The quarterbacks aren’t as good. They don’t know how to read coverage and throw progressions. They have no idea.”


This will always be a major complaint for NFL coaches when it comes to drafting guys from spread systems. But it looks like the NFL will have to adjust because those offenses aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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