Ricky Hatton says Floyd Mayweather tried to race him using an airplane

download (16)I think we all know that Floyd Mayweather is very sensitive when he thinks he has a chance to lose at anything. He has proved it time and time again, which is very funny considering how much money he has.  But this story about the pound for pound champion is on another level. Former boxing champion Ricky Hatton did an interview in UK recently and talked about his fight with Mayweather back in 2007. Both fighters were flying on separate private jets to New York, but Hatton left first. According to Hatton, Mayweather wanted to land first, so he complained to his pilot and ordered him to get in front of them.


‘A few minutes into the the journey, we’re chatting away, having a drink when the pilot gestures to me to come forward. ”Hey Ricky, listen to this idiot,” said Hatton.

‘He turns on the speaker and over the radio I hear Floyd arguing with the pilot of his plane behind: ”I’m not letting that motherf***** get there before me, f***ing overtake them!”

 ”We can’t do that, Sir”

”Overtake that motherf***** – I’m the champ. I’ve got to get to New York first. I’ll pay whatever you want”.


At this point, I can’t say I’m surprised when I hear about these stories about how obnoxious Mayweather is. It’s just another reason why so many fighters hate him, but they know he is too tough to beat.

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  1. Lionsam says:

    Being great at anything dont mean that you are of good character also. Floyd is an asshole, plain and simple. People not liking him is not by accident but that dont mean that he is not one of the greatest fighters who ever lived.

    • I agree with you on the fact that he is an asshole. The thing that gets me with Floyd is that he wants everyone to like him though.

  2. He’s like what Layla Ali called him an insecure little man! He’ll stop fighting soon and then reality will hit him when folks stop catering to him, then he’s gonna act like a spoiled kid and threaten or hit people only to get his a$$ in big trouble!

    • I think once he retires, he will miss the spotlight that he is use too. I wouldn’t be shocked if he fights longer than he said he would.

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