Report: Ray McDonald was arrested for physically assaulting a woman while she was holding a baby

ray-mcdonald-090314-getty-ftrjpg_ltgp7hndzxky1uj3okqay1a38Back in December, I wrote about how disappointing it was to see DE Ray McDonald involved in another incident. At that time, he had a rape allegation looming over his head, which he didn’t get charged for. On Monday, McDonald found himself in trouble again with the law and hos football career could be coming to an end. McDonald was arrested on misdemeanor domestic violence and child endangerment charges. According to NBC Bay Area, McDonald is accused of physically assaulting a woman while she was holding a baby.


Lt. Kurt Clarke said in a news release that McDonald was arrested after officers said he “physically assaulted the victim while she was holding a baby.” Police were called to a disturbance at 3:48 a.m. at an apartment in Santa Clara, only to find that McDonald had left to go to a friend’s home in San Jose.

According to sources, McDonald was arrested at the home of retired 49er Justin Smith in the Silver Creek neighborhood of San Jose. Neighbors said they saw police cars about 6 a.m. Monday.

Another source said that he rents an apartment in Santa Clara on Carlyle Court for his ex-fiancee and baby. The source said that on Sunday night, McDonald went out with friends and wanted to return to the apartment and asked her to leave. He left to give her some space, the source said, and when he returned, the police had been called.

The Bears have already announced that they have released McDonald and I don’t blame them. McDonald needs to understand that no team wants to deal with all this baggage that he brings, no matter how good he is.

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