PGA golfer Billy Horschel goes off on bandwagon FSU fans

6_3597626Before this week’s PGA Players Championship, I didn’t know who Billy Horschel was. Many started to pay attention to Horschel when he showed up in orange and blue clothing. With the Players Championship in Florida, there were some Florida State fans who had some things to say to Horschel. The former Gator didn’t back down from the FSU fans and talked some trash as well. After he finished his round, Horschel gave his opinion on the FSU and says that they are full of band-wagoners.


“This is only my third year playing; I’ve heard more ‘Go Noles’ this week than I have the last three years,” Horschel said. “I guess that’s because they won a national championship and they come out the woodworks and they think they’re all high and mighty.

“It’s all the bandwagon fans coming out now. When they’re doing bad, they don’t want to support their team. The Gators, through and through we stick together. Orange and Blue is always there, we support our team no matter how bad or how good our team is. We’re always going to be there. I can’t say the same about the FSU fans.”


I love that the hate between the Gators and the Seminoles hatred go beyond football. It doesn’t matter what sport you play, Gator and Seminole fans are coming after you.

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