Man who videotaped altercation involving Michael Jordan explains what happened

4fad28a185b40cbd0faa98ae0dc6f319_crop_northAs many of you know, there were a lot of celebrities at the MGM Grand to watch Floyd Mayweather take on Manny Pacquiao. So with that many celebrities in one spot, you knew that it was going to be some altercations with fans who were there as well. Hall of Famer Michael Jordan found himself in the middle of a situation after his bodyguard almost got handled by a gang member. Jordan would calm the situation down, but many wanted to know how did it get to that point. Well Chris Yuscavage of Complex interviewed the person who videotaped the incident and he explained them what led to the altercation.


At the beginning of your video, we see a guy yelling at one of Michael Jordan’s bodyguards. What happened that made the guy so upset?
When we first came outside of the MGM Grand after the fight, the dude actually got pushed twice. A security guard that was escorting Mary J. Blige to her car had his arm around her waist and was pushing through the crowd. And the guy was like, “Don’t be pushing me!” It was real physical. A few minutes later, the same thing happened with one of Michael Jordan’s security guards. The guy and his girlfriend were walking down the sidewalk together. The guy didn’t see Mike coming, and Mike’s bodyguard pushed him out of the way. So the guy was like, “Don’t push me, man. You ain’t gotta push me!” He didn’t even see Michael Jordan. He just saw some guy pushing him.

Oh, so he didn’t even realize that Michael Jordan was behind him? In the video, it kind of looked like he was waiting for an autograph or something.
He didn’t even know Michael Jordan was behind him. He was just walking down the sidewalk, holding hands with his girl, and the security guard pushed him like, “Get out the way.” He wasn’t trying to get no autograph. He didn’t even know Michael Jordan was there until he turned around. So he was like, “I don’t give a fuck about none of that. Don’t be putting your hands on me. Stop pushing me.”

In the video, it appears as though MJ is the one who does his bodyguard’s work and keeps everyone calm. How was he able to do that?
After he pushed him once, the bodyguard actually pushed the guy again. So the guy got kind of irate and was like, “Don’t push me! You ain’t gotta push me.” Like I said, him and his girl was holding hands, so it wasn’t like he was trying to start trouble. But you could tell this dude was major. You could tell by the situation. So Mike stopped and was like, “Chill out, chill out, chill out.” He let the dude know that everything was cool, and just out of respect for Mike, the guy toned it down a little bit. Then, Mike went to his car. Mike’s wife pulled him to the car. So really, it wasn’t nothing.

It definitely could have been something, though. It’s a good thing that the video ended the way it did, but this could have turned into a bad situation for everyone.
Oh, it was going to be something different. [Laughs.] The guy was about to get at the bodyguard. It was going to get ugly. I’m telling you. It could have escalatedreal fast. The guy was walking with his girl, but he had some people with him, you know what I mean?

It sounds like things could have gotten real ugly for that bodyguard if Jordan didn’t step in. Sometimes I do think that bodyguards think that they can just move people around just because they are big.



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