John Wall: Dennis Schroder told Kent Bazemore to smack my hand

images (14)The Atlanta Hawks and the Washington Wizards series has been pretty entertaining to say the least. But recently, the two teams are starting to get a little chippy with each other. For example, the matchup between point guards John Wall and Dennis Schroder hit another level in Game 5. Wall made his return after missing the last three games and had his injured left hand wrapped up. So with Wall hand wrapped, Schroder felt like that his team should take advantage of it. According to Jorge Castillo of the Washington Post, Wall said that Schroder told Kent Bazemore to smack his hand.



Many will say that this is bush league, but it was Wall’s decision to play hurt so stuff like this can happen. But if Schroder wants someone to hit Wall’s hand, he needs to man up and do it himself.

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