John Calipari: The goal was to get eight players drafted, not win a title

download (22)Kentucky Wildcats coach John Calipari has been a hot topic this week after it was reported that he was interested in the New Orleans Pelicans job. Calipari, who just signed an extension with Kentucky a few days ago denied that he was interested in the Pelicans position. Now that one bullet has been dodged, Calipari has some explaining to do after some comments he made on Wednesday. The Wildcats was a guest speaker at  Alltech’s Rebelation closing session in Rupp Arena, where he told the audience what his goal was for this past season. Calipari said that his goal was  to get eight players drafted, not win a national title.


“Last year we started the season with a goal,” he told the Alltech Rebelation crowd. “You may think that goal was to win the national title and win all the games and be… It was to get eight players drafted.”

“This year, we were trying to win every game and we fell short of what we were trying to do,” he said. “But we still did historic things this year and seven players are going to be drafted. I can tell you, I feel great about what happened because players got better, they did what they had to do… College basketball is not the NBA best-of-seven. It’s one game.”


I know for a fact that Kentucky isn’t paying Calipari millions to just get his players drafted to the NBA. Winning should always be the goal and at a school with tradition like Kentucky, that is the goal.

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