Joe Alleva says LSU will not play in Tiger Stadium on Thanksgiving while he is there

LSU_football_gameSince Texas A&M joined the SEC, the LSU Tigers has been the team designated to replace Texas as the Aggies’ Thanksgiving weekend game. This past season, the Aggies move their annual game with the Tigers to Thanksgiving just like it use to be with the Longhorns. ESPN and the Aggies hope to keep the game on Thanksgiving, but LSU athletic director Joe Alleva won’t budge. In fact, Alleva says that as longs as he is the AD, there will be no games played in Tiger Stadium on Thanksgiving.


“As long as I’m here, we will not play in Tiger Stadium on a Thursday,” Alleva said. “I guarantee you that.”

Alleva said the networks continue to push for LSU to move its game with Texas A&M to Thanksgiving day, but he has continued to refuse.

Alleva said he hopes to get a firm date on that game later this month during the SEC Spring Meeting in Destin, Florida.

Texas A&M moved its home game with LSU last year to Thanksgiving night, a 23-17 Tigers victory. A&M used to play Texas on Thanksgiving and it’s assumed the Aggies, will want to continue that tradition with their season-ending game against the Tigers.



I thought that having the game on Thanksgiving was a good thing last season. Alleva is talking real tough right now, but we’ll see what happens as the season gets closer.

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