Iman Shumpert has a big problem with Cavs beat writer Chris Haynes

cd0ymzcznguwzdbhnduynddiytjhm2yyzthlmtjjotqwyyznpti1zjy5nzu4mgqyztqxzjhlzdg3ywrinju3yze4ytiy-e1422383705264It looks like Cleveland Cavaliers guard Iman Shumpert is not playing games with anyone right about now. Friday, I wrote about how Shumpert had plenty to say about Chicago Bulls forward Nikola Mirotic after Game 6. The person who made everyone aware of what Shumpert said was Cavs beat writer Chris Haynes. Well apparently, Shumpert was not happy with Haynes for putting that out and decided to go at him on Twitter.



I find it funny that Shumpert is upset with Haynes after made everyone aware of him talking greasy about Mirotic. I don’t think Haynes was being negative, he just reported what he heard.


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  1. I think you got it backwards bro. Reporters don’t print what players say between other players in the locker room. Haynes crossed the line when Iman was joking with James. Therefore the problem is all with Chris Haynes as he’ll get nothing from the Cavs players from here on out.

    • True, but Haynes has been doing this all season long. Shumpert got upset because he was talking crazy and it got out. Maybe Haynes did cross the line, but Shumpert should have known better.

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