Gus Bradley is not thrilled that Chris Clemons choose not to come to OTA’s

Chris+Clemons+Miami+Dolphins+v+Jacksonville+utpROxThVmflThe Jacksonville Jaguars started their OTA’s on Tuesday and there were two notable no-shows. The team’s first pick Dante Fowler was not there as he awaiting surgery after tearing his ACL. The other no-show is the probably the Jaguars best defensive player, Chris Clemons. The Jags had the same problem last year with Clemons, but this time he let them know ahead of time that he was not coming. Well that didn’t go over to well with head coach Gus Bradley, who was not thrilled that Clemons has decided not to come to OTA’s.


“We’ve communicated and he continually communicates with Coach Wash; obviously we’d like to have everybody here, but we touched base and he knows our feelings,” Bradley said. “I’m not going to sit here and say, ‘It’s OK for Chris Clemons [to not attend].’ We want everybody here. And he knows that. It’s a choice he’s made. It’s voluntary. We’ll take advantage of the time getting a look at other guys and see how they’re doing.

“I have faith in Chris Clemons. He’s never not come back ready to go. But I don’t want to assume that. I would like to see him back here, but we’ll work through it.”

“We’re still talking about that, to see if we can get him [here],” Bradley said.


Since Bradley has arrived in Jacksonville, he has always wanted everything to be team oriented. That’s why I’m not surprised that he is upset that Clemons is a no-show. This is a big year for Bradley because winning 3 or 4 games is not going to cut it this year.



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