Christian Ponder is starting to embrace his role as a backup quarterback

hi-res-ddb7a3f2a72229599d72759bddb79f1a_crop_exactOakland Raiders QB Christian Ponder has been through a lot since he arrived in the NFL. His time with the Minnesota Vikings was painful and forgettable as he never had a steady line to protect him. The Vikings drafted Teddy Bridgewater last year which meant that Ponder’s time there was over.Now he is with the Raiders and finds himself in the same position he was in last year. Derek Carr, who was drafted by the Raiders last year is the unquestioned starter coming into the 2015 season. Ponder knows this and is now starting to embrace his role as a backup quarterback.


“My job, I understand, is the backup and I’m here to help Derek and help this team out. It is exciting for me to be out there right now taking first-team reps, but I know that this is Derek’s team right now. But I am bringing a competitive nature to it. I know Derek is a very competitive guy, and so is Matt McGloin. Bringing some competition in the room only helps all of us.”


I think everyone knows that Carr is the future of the Raiders, but you always need an experience backup just in case of an injury.

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