Butch Jones: “Florida loss was probably the lowest moment I’ve ever had in my career”

download (19)The Tennessee Volunteers are on the upswing and many consider them to be the favorites to win the SEC East this season. In year three, head coach Butch Jones knows that it is put up or shut time as this will be the most talented Vols team in some time. Jones spoke at during Tennessee’s Big Orange Caravan stop in Atlanta and talked about how last season was a big step towards what they want to do this year. But Jones says there was one game last year that changed everything for his program. Jones says that losing to the Florida Gators was the lowest moment he has ever had in his career.


“It’s like last year, when we laid it out, the South Carolina game was really the culmination of really learning how to win. But I think the changing point was the Florida game, because obviously it was extremely disappointing for all involved. It was probably the lowest moment I’ve ever had in my career, and I had to put my tie on and go home and have 12 individuals at my house for an official visit.


I would probably feel that way too if I lost to a team coached by Will Muschamp. The past two Florida teams have been the worst in their school’s history and the Vols still couldn’t beat them. With this year’s game in Gainesville, I don’t know if the Vols can go into the swamp and get a win.

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