Bay Area officials are already planning the Warriors championship parade

0320-warriors-fans-970-630x420The Golden State Warriors were the best team in the NBA during the regular season and it wasn’t even close. Many have the Warriors penciled in to make the NBA Finals which will take place in June. While the team is headed to Memphis for Game 3, city officials are thinking about the championship parade. According to Kevin Lynch of SF Gate, Bay Area officials are already taking about where to have the Warriors championship parade.


According to a source, Schaaf has already talked to San Francisco mayor Ed Lee about what a parade would look like. One idea might be to begin the march in Oakland and then put the team on a barge to San Francisco.

Her latest challenge is to figure out what happens if the Warriors win the NBA title. Do they start the parade in Oakland and wind up in San Francisco? Does Oakland get shut out of a parade all together? Does San Francisco allow Oakland to have their parade as recognition for the team’s 44 years in the East Bay?


I would at least wait until the Warriors made to the NBA Finals before I would start planning a parade.

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