Atlanta Hawks radio announcer refers to Matthew Dellavedova as “Tonya Harding”

3202Before the NBA Playoffs started, I wrote that rebounding and a lack of a star player would doom the Atlanta Hawks. To say that I was a correct would be an understatement as the Cleveland Cavaliers swept the Hawks on the way to a NBA Finals berth. Even though the Hawks had a great season, they were getting a little salty during Game 4 on and off the court. Most of that was aimed at point guard Matthew Dellavedova, after he put Kyle Korver on the self as well as nicking up Al Horford. So when Dellavedova made his appearance in the Game 4 last night, Hawks broadcast announcer Steve Holman referred to the Cavs point guard as “Tonya Harding”.



I have to admit, I laughed a little bit when I saw this during the game. Injuries aside though, the Cavaliers were just the better team.

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