Report: FSU does not expect to be hit with penalties by NCAA over Jameis Winston’s comments

17092983-mmmainFormer Florida State QB Jameis Winston had fans scratching their heads once again after making another blunder. During ESPN’s Draft Academy, Winston told the world about how he ended up getting in trouble about the crab legs. While explaining himself, he also admitted that he had the hookup for free food at Publix, which is a NCAA violation. But it looks like Winston’s admission won’t cause FSU any harm in the future. According to the Tallahassee Democrat, FSU does not expect to be hit with any penalties over Winston’s comments.


Florida State does not expect any NCAA violations to stem from the latest revelation in Jameis Winston’s shoplifting incident, a source close to the program told the Tallahassee Democrat on Saturday.

The source said the school expects to hear from the NCAA within the next week or two.

“I suspect that it will be wrapped up pretty shortly because we basically looked into this back when it originally occurred when that information came out,” Wilcox told the Tallahassee Democrat. “So we worked in concert with the NCAA, Publix, etc.

“It’s just new information that we have to follow up on.”


Winston did have to pay for the crab legs he got for and was suspended for his actions as well. I think it would be wise for the NCAA to let this go.

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