Nick Saban on Braxton Miller rumors: “I don’t even know who you’re talking about”

All State Sugar Bowl - Alabama v Ohio StateThe Alabama Crimson Tide saw their spring practices concluded after Saturday’s A-Day game. Now as many Tide fans await for the arrival of the rest of their 2015 recruiting class, a certain QB in Ohio is on their mind as well. SEC Network and Alabama homer Paul Finebaum got fans riled up by saying there was a chance that Ohio State QB Braxton Miller might end up in Tuscaloosa. Well head coach Nick Saban was in Huntsville for his first stop as part of the 2015 Crimson Caravan. Saban was asked about the rumors but claimed he didn’t know who Miller is.


Any truth behind the rumors of a graduate transfer quarterback? (i.e. Braxton Miller)

“I’m not really allowed to talk about any other players on any other team. I know nothing about any such rumors. I don’t even know who you’re talking about”

But will you look at bringing in a graduate transfer at some point?

“If there was somebody out there that I thought could help our team, we have a spot or two available that we could probably – but it would have to be the right person in the right place that could make a contribution because that would be something that would have to be good for that person and it would have to be good for us.”


Obviously, Saban can’t say anything, but Alabama fans should be nervous if this rumor is true. That means Saban doesn’t believe in the QBs already on the roster.



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