Mark Richt on satellite camps: “I would prefer everybody stayed on their own campus”

mark-richt-signing-day-sean-taylor-ugaMichigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh has caused quite a frenzy in the short time he’s been back in college football. The issue that a lot of coaches have a problem with is the satellite camps Harbaugh will be doing. Many SEC coaches are upset because these camps will be held in their backyards. Georgia head coach Mark Richt spoke on this issue today and basically wants everyone to stay on their own campus.


“It has come up in our league meetings, I would prefer everybody stayed on their own campus quiet frankly,” Richt said. “If you are going to do a satellite camp, you have to decide how many and where, you have to be thinking about your staff. I mean how many more times do you want them to leave their wife and kids to go do something like that. We all to recruit, we all want to see kids perform, but where you end up drawing the line. I just don’t know.”


I understand why so many coaches are upset with the loophole Harbaugh has found. The NCAA will have to address this issue sooner or later.

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