Jon Beason: “When healthy, I’m the best in the game”

BeasonNew York Giants LB Jon Beason knows the team needs him to step into a leadership role for the 2015 season. But there is just one problem, Beason cannot stay on the field. Beason only played in four games last season and hasn’t played a full 16 games since 2010.Beason says things we be different this year because he is healthy now. But then he took things a little bit too far while trying to put himself over.


“I feel, when healthy, I’m the best in the game,” Beason said. “And that’s my motto going into the 2015 campaign. I’m going to be healthy every game instead of just talking about every game. My focus is on the opener and to have practiced all week and go out there and be prepared, as opposed to just playing through will and your mental capacity. I’m looking forward to having the mental part meet the physical preparation and being the best I can be.”


I understand having self-confidence, but there is no way Beason can really believe that. He should really consider lowering his expectations, because he has a long way to go to be the best.

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