Jamaal Charles: “Running backs are more important than wide receivers”

CHIEFSCHARGERS2_SP_112413_DRE_0971fKansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles will be paying close attention to the NFL Draft next week. Charles, who is entering his eight season has made it clear that he wants the Chiefs to address the offensive line during the draft. But with the Chiefs needing WRs, they probably won’t get a OL until later in the draft. Charles believes that having a great RBs outweighs having a good WR, even though many consider the NFLĀ a quarterback league.


“I saw DeMarco Murray had a great line in Dallas,” Charles said. “Running backs, we’re more important than wide receivers on the team. We might be looking for the best wide receiver, but you need a good running back. At the end of the day, a good running back touches the ball more.”


I understand what Charles is trying to say, but he is way off base with this one. Everyone knows the value of the RB position has decreased and for good reason. Nowadays, you don’t need one RB to carry the load as you can spilt those carries up with others.

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