For some strange reason, female Kentucky fans are licking Devin Booker’s car

hi-res-41e5e18c1a088aa844101f148034116a_crop_exactWe all know that Kentucky Wildcats fans are very passionate and sometimes crazy. Well what a group of female Wildcat fans are doing is on a different level of crazy. Kentucky point guard Devin Booker, who has declared for the NBA Draft has a lot of secret admirers. During a recent interview, Booker said that someone told him that there was a woman outside licking his car. Since then, of women have joined in and have posted the pictures on Twitter.




  1. Roger Richardson says:

    Yes, and they used to sniff the seat where Rick Pitino sat. I observed this at Blue Grass Field when I was on a flight with Mr. Pitino. Sick.

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