Florida’s J.C. Jackson is still locked up, not talking to the police

floridaweb20s-1-webFlorida Gators DB J.C. Jackson was arrested over the weekend due to his part in an armed robbery. Jackson, who was expected to play a lot this season now finds himself in a bind. The two men who committed the crime have not been identified and the only person who can is Jackson. The problem is according to the Gainesville Police, Jackson is not cooperating with them.


The University of Florida football player accused of being part of a weekend drug-related armed robbery has refused to cooperate with investigators, and the two men who allegedly committed the crime have not been identified, Gainesville police officials said on Monday.

“This was drug related and the people involved were targeted,” Officer Ben Tobias, a GPD spokesman, said. “They weren’t out there to just commit robberies.”

Tobias said generally speaking, people charged with being a party to a crime they didn’t physically commit usually save themselves by cooperating with investigators.

“That’s usually how it works,” Tobias said. “But in this case, he has chosen not to talk.The redshirt freshman, Jackson has not yet picked a major at UF, and he is a member of the Liberal Arts and Sciences College, according to information provided by Janine Sikes, a university spokeswoman.



So Jackson won’t snitch on the guys that committed the crime and throw his football career away in the process. I guess his street credibility is more important than to him.

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