Draymond Green takes blame for “scrimmage” comments, but claims he didn’t say it

635571030072215933-AP-Pacers-Warriors-BasketbalI think everyone knows by now that Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green like to talk. Before the series with the New Orleans Pelicans started, there was an issue between the two teams. Late in the season, the Pelicans were highly motivated after a Golden State player was heard saying the team was treating this particular game as a “scrimmage.” Green was asked about those comments and took the blame for them, but claims he didn’t say it.


“Our team was joking,” Green said. “Their ballboy likes to talk a lot of junk, and we’ll talk junk back. But there’s this belief that I was the one who said it. I’ll take the credit for it, but I’m not. I’m not one to throw someone under the bus.

“They were saying some things. We were saying some things. I wouldn’t necessarily say we called it a scrimmage, but there were some words back and forth. It happens every time we play them. … They just felt the need to try to motivate themselves.”


I really doesn’t matter how motivated the Pelicans can get, they’re not winning this series. I will be surprised if they can win a game.

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