Chris Kluwe on Adrian Peterson: “He hasn’t handled his situation particularly well”

img22210007The Minnesota Vikings and star RB Adrian Peterson are still at odds right now. Peterson has made it clear that he doesn’t know if he want to stay in Minnesota, The Vikings are willing to trade him, but their asking price is just too much. While Peterson feels like the team like him hanging during his tough times, a former teammate think Peterson should show a little remorse. Former Viking Chris Kluwe doesn’t think Peterson has handled his situation particularly well.


“Obviously, AP can still play, but I think he needs to show that he understands he did something wrong and that he wants to work to change that, which I don’t know that he’s really shown yet,” Kluwe said in a phone interview.

“(Peterson) also feels that he’s been treated kind of unfairly, which I can see from a player’s perspective,” Kluwe said. “You think that the organization has your back. You think that these people have your back and then you get hung out to dry.

“I think there’s blame to go around on both sides, but AP hasn’t handled it particularly well. He’s probably valid in thinking he didn’t get some of the support that he thought he was going to get, but he’s the one who made the mistakes and he’s the one who needs to own up to it.”


Kluwe does make some interesting points because Peterson has been acting like he is the victim. The one thing I haven’t heard from Peterson is if he regretted what happened.

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