Arizona State’s Todd Graham: “Scheduling cupcakes for non-conference games is un-American”

Arizona-State-Sun-Devils-coach-Todd-Graham.vadapt.620.high.0One of the major gripes fans have with college football is the lack of marquee non-conference games. A lot of teams schedule two or three games that they know they can win in hopes to being bowl eligible at the end of the season. With the college football playoff committee taking strength of schedule into account, many teams are starting to beef up their non-conference schedules. Arizona State head coach Todd Graham was asked about non-conference scheduling and his answer was very interesting. Graham believe that scheduling cupcakes for non-conference games isĀ un-American.


“We need to consider what the fans want,” Graham said. “Fans don’t want to see you schedule four easy wins, then get two conference wins to get into a bowl game. That’s un-American.”

“Here’s the issue with college football. It should be equal for everybody,” said Graham. “Everybody should play nine conference games. Why nine games instead of eight? Because you play one more conference game that your fans want to see instead of scheduling a team that no one wants to see because you’re scheduling wins and don’t want to be out of the four-team playoff.”


I don’t know if I would say it’s un-American to schedule two or three easy wins, but I understand what Graham is trying to saying. I think that college football has made strides with non-conference scheduling, but it could be better.

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