Antonio Gates backtracks on comments about playing less in 2015

images (1)San Diego Chargers TE Antonio Gates will be the first to tell you that he didn’t have the season he expected to have. Gates dealt with a lot injuries this past season, but raised some eyebrows with some comments he made. Gates told Sports Illustrated that he played more than he expected and  only wants to play in certain situations. After listening to the media and fans respond to what he said, Gates has backtracked on his comments.


“One thing about me is I love to compete,” Gates said in a phone interview. “I want the ball. It’s not a selfish act. It’s more so I think I can help us win in certain situations and certain areas, particularly in man coverage. That’s the competitive nature I’ve had in this league since I got to San Diego.

“For me, to put in all this work in all these years and have the opportunity to play and say I don’t want to play, I don’t know where people got that from. It was probably a misquote or a misunderstanding. … I ain’t asking to play less. Every time I’m in a game, I feel like I have the opportunity to make a play. Why would I want to be on the sideline? That defeats the purpose. The only way you can contribute is by being in the game.”

Gates will be 35-years-old when the season starts, so his best days are behind him. If Gates has another lackluster season, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Chargers let him go.

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