Report: Rule that would let coaches challenge penalties is gaining momentum

bill_bellichick_152662234_fullwidthLast year at the NFL coaches meeting, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick had an interesting proposal. Belichick proposed that coaches would be able to challenge any call on the field, including penalties. Most coaches brushed off the idea at that time but now some are thinking that this might be a good thing. According to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe, Belichick’s proposal is gaining momentum with other NFL coaches.


Bill Belichick proposed last year at the NFL’s annual meetings to reduce current restrictions and allow coaches to challenge any call on the field, particularly judgment penalties such as pass interference. The measure didn’t pass, but after a year of inconsistent officiating and an increase in penalties in the passing game, Belichick’s proposal will be a “major” topic of discussion this year, according to Rams coach Jeff Fisher, a leading member of the NFL’s competition committee.

“There’s a number of proposals this year, probably the largest number that I can remember, in respect to instant replay, and a number of those proposals including penalties,” Fisher said Friday. “That will all be discussed. We’re scratching the surface on it now, and we’ll look at it in detail.”

Several coaches said they have changed their minds about Belichick’s proposal.

“Last year I thought it was kind of a weird recommendation that everything was reviewable,” said the Cardinals’Bruce Arians. “I’m kind of believing Coach Belichick now, with everything should be reviewable. You get three, and you pick and choose. Whether it’s holding, anything judgment is involved in. I’m going for that now.”


It will be interesting to hear what other coaches have to say about the possibility of this happening. If this rule gets passed, it could be a game-changer.


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