Michael Irvin used Aaron Hernandez as an example while talking about stickum

898201_f260Hall of Fame WR Michael Irvin is known for speaking his mind about any issue that is brought to him. Sometimes we agree with him and sometimes we don’t. But what Irvin said today was a little uncomfortable to say the least. Irvin joined Evan Roberts of WFAN to discuss Jerry Rice saying everyone used stickum back when he was playing. Irvin strongly denied what Rice said, but then he took a turn for the worst. Irvin used Aaron Hernandez as an example to try to get his point across.


“It’s almost like — and I hate to get this harsh — if Aaron Hernandez starts saying ‘Well, Michael murdered some people,’ don’t start asking me did I murder somebody,” Irvin said. “You know darn well I didn’t murder anybody. Just because somebody threw it out there — leave me alone with that mess. Get off my Twitter with that.”


I understand that Irvin is frustrated with people questioning him, but Hernandez is not the example you want to use.


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