Ben Obomanu says some Seattle players believe coaches decision to throw at the goaline was to make Russell Wilson Super Bowl MVP

120919-obomanu-480We are a few weeks removed from the epic Super Bowl game between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. While the Patriots have moved on from that game, the same cannot be said about the Seahawks. Yesterday, QB Russell Wilson took responsibility for the interception he threw which ended the Seahawks repeat chances. But everyone who watched that game knew that it wasn’t Wilson who should be blamed for that call. Former Seahawks WR Ben Obomanu joined Brian Abker of Sports Rado 950 KJR in Seattle on Wednesday and confirmed what many of us already knew. Obomanu says that some Seahawks players believe coaches decision to throw at the goal line was to make Russell Wilson Super Bowl MVP.


“With the whole thing with Marshawn and interviews and not giving interviews and the MVP conversation and cars and all those things that happen on the field, the guys have expressed ideas of it being easier to handle Russell Wilson accepting those kind of things and having that kind of thrust upon him as opposed to the possibilities that are unknown with Marshawn. I don’t know if guys actually believe it. I don’t know if they’re hearing it from family and friends but that’s one, I don’t know if you guys have heard it, but that’s one of the craziest kind of things that I’ve heard in my conversations with guys trying to process this whole thing.”


I think everyone knows what the Seahawks wanted to do and it blew up in their faces.



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