NHL COO John Collins: Jersey sponsorship 'coming and happening'

john-collinsBelieve it or not, the National Hockey League has made great strides as an organization over the past couple of years. The league has seen their revenue which was at $2.2 billion back in 2006 increase to $4 billion. The league has garnered a lot of attention with their annul outdoor games as well.

NHL chief operating officer John Collins loves the progress, but feels that the league can improve in other areas. During an interview with Sports Business Daily, Collins says that jersey sponsorship is “coming and happening.”

Collins said that jersey sponsorship is both “coming and happening,” and noted that jersey branding by manufacturers is already a form of jersey sponsorship. He also noted that the league is continuing to test digital replacement technology for board advertisements, as written about in this week’s SportsBusiness Journal.

It seems that the NHL is the first to really admit that they will go ahead with the jersey ads. I’m sure the NBA and the MLB will be watching closely.

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