Dwyane Wade on run with LeBron James: At times 'it wasn’t fun'

dwyane wade lebron jamesFor the first time in four years, Dwyane Wade is preparing for a NBA season without LeBron James as a teammate. Of course, much will be made of how Wade handles being the top dog on a team again, but Wade seems to be welcoming the challenge.

Wade also seems to be welcoming playing for a team that won’t be scrutinized by fans day in and day out. Wade told Ethan Skolnick of Bleacher Report that there were times in the last four seasons where he didn’t enjoy playing basketball. And he’s very much looking forward to the upcoming season and hopefully just enjoying playing the game.

“It was great, you know, we went to the Finals four years in a row, and it was everything we wanted from that standpoint, but sometimes throughout that run at certain times, it just wasn’t fun,” Wade said. “Individually, it was great having certain relationships, and having my best friend here with me, but all of us didn’t have fun all the time….

“I think now I’m at the point where I want to enjoy the game. Because once I’ve won three championships and been so successful, you’ve got to have something to play for. And I want to be able to play for my teammates, and just the joy of the game.”

Though I’m sure Wade would love to have LeBron by his side for another run at a title, he seems relieved to be down with the circus that was the Miami Heat in the past four years.

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