University of Minnesota wants the Vikings to avoid using the Redskins name at their stadium

redskinsThe Washington Redskins are still under fire about their name and the flames are getting hotter by the day. You might recall the story we wrote about the backlash the Redskins are receiving and I said then that this issue was going to get worse.

The Minnesota Vikings will host the Redskins on November 2 at the University of Minnesota’s stadium. According to Ian Shapira of the Star Tribune, school president Eric Kaler is working with the Vikings to avoid using the Redskins name in their stadium.

“The time for debate has ended — the name of the Washington franchise is clearly an offensive racial slur,” McCollum wrote to Wilf. “I urge you, as an NFL team owner, to not remain silent on this matter any longer.”

Kaler was responding to a June letter from McCollum to Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf — to which the university president was copied — urging the owner to condemn the Redskins’ team name. McCollum argued that Wilf needed to take a stand against “that hateful slur” because all of the NFL teams split the sales of their licensed merchandise equally.

Vikings executive V.P. of public affairs Lester Bagley released this statement about the situation.

“We take the issue very seriously, but we’re just getting ready for our season and we’ve been very focused on training camp and the preseason, and to be honest, we don’t have a game plan for our Nov. 2 game versus Washington,” Bagley said.

Eventually this situation is going turn into a league wide issue. Teams are going to have to start making statements about this issue because the rumblings are starting to get really loud.

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