Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons was not happy with Jose Bautista getting himself ejected

jose-bautista-ejectedThe Toronto Blue Jays are making a final push to make it to the playoffs. So you know the pressure is probably very intense right now. Emotions and frustration boiled over after yesterday’s loss against the Tampa Bay Rays.

In the sixth inning, Jose Bautista was ejected from the game for arguing about the strike zone. Well, this didn’t go over well with manager John Gibbons and he let it be known that he was unhappy with Bautista getting himself ejected.

“The bottom line is we needed him in the game,” Gibbons said of Bautista. “Say your piece and get the hell out of there. We’re trying to get in the playoffs, we need you on the field. He’s a marked man in this game. (Plate ump) Bill Welke? I thought he had a pretty good (strike) zone today. It was steady, he was calling strikes. He was looking to call strikes. But we need you in the game.”

You can tell that Gibbons was obviously frustrated, but he does have a point. For the Blue Jays to make the playoffs, Bautista cannot afford to put himself in bad situations like he did yesterday.

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