There are now whispers that Kirk Cousins looks better than Robert Griffin III in camp

NFL: Washington Redskins-MinicampThis was supposed to be the year. The year that a healthy Robert Griffin III, with a new coach, new weapons, and a new offense would reclaim all the promise that he showed during his rookie season.

And though, the Redskins decided not to trade Kirk Cousins despite having offers, the thought was that the Redskins were Griffin III’s team. And Cousins? Well he’s just an insurance policy that could come in handy down the line.

But now all of sudden there are whispers that the insurance policy looks much better running the team than his counterpart. And it’s not just some writer, namely Mike Reiss of ESPN Boston saying this. Apparently after watching the two quarterbacks during a Redskins-Patriots joint practice, members of the Patriots organization agree that Cousins looks better than Griffin III at the moment.

One of my biggest takeaways from Patriots-Redskins joint practices was surprise that Robert Griffin III didn’t look like the best quarterback on his own team. In fact, I thoughtKirk Cousins was better than him, from the perspective of running the offense, fine-tuned mechanics and how decisively the ball came out of his hand. I wondered if I was alone, and then heard the same sentiment echoed by some others in the Patriots organization.

Of course, the Redskins wouldn’t dare start the season with any other quarterback under center than Robert Griffin III. But let’s not forget, this is a new coaching staff that didn’t draft Griffin III. They could take an approach of playing the best guy. And if that’s Cousins, then so be it.

But on the other hand, there’s no way that Dan Snyder let’s this staff bench Griffin III so all of this is probably a moot point.

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