The New England Patriots are still unsure when Rob Gronkowski will be ready for contact

Rob-Gronkowski-Gronktini.410The New England Patriots are being very careful with star TE Rob Gronkowski. The Patriots want to make sure that Gronkowski has no setbacks from the knee injury he suffered back in December.

Gronkowski was in full pads yesterday with the rest of the team but was not involved in any contact. Even though he feels good, the Patriots are still not sure when Gronkowski will be ready for contact.

“Just a little time off to let the knee heal a little bit more. You know, you can’t always be grinding on it 24/7 off an injury. You have to let it heal,” he explained. “I’m feeling better since the time off, so, it’s going well. My body kind of needed it, my knee needed it, that rest, when they went to Virginia. It was good progress.”

“I’m going full-speed in the drills I’m doing, but they’re just limiting the drills I can do. Most likely, when I’m cleared for contact, it will be full-go, too.”

It’s pretty clear that the team is very nervous when it comes to Gronkowski. I don’t think he sees any contact until the season opener.

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