Ryan Clark blames Troy Vincent for Brandon Meriweather's suspension

Ryan ClarkWashington Redskins safety Ryan Clark is at it again but this time for he is speaking up about his teammate. Brandon Meriweather was suspended two games for his hit on Baltimore Ravens WR Torrey Smith. Commissioner Roger Goodell has been under scrutiny since the suspension but Clark thinks the blame should go to someone else.

Clark says that Executive Vice President for Football Operations Troy Vincent is the one to blame for Meriweather’s suspension.

“Roger [Goodell] kept full control of certain things and he passed this [the decision on safety rules fines and suspensions] on to Troy, a guy who was up for the directors job of the NFLPA. He didn’t get it,” said Clark. “Quickly switched sides and now this is his first opportunity to have power. This is the only power he has in the office and this is what he comes up and does. I think it just shows where he’s at.”

“So, you know, I understand this process,” said Clark. “I’ve been to New York to talk about this process, I’ve been to competition committee meetings to try to get a better grasp on what they’re looking for and, I can be honest with you, after talking to them I am no more clear than they are. You know, the watch the film, they talk to each other, they say, hey, that looks like a bad hit and then they levy out fines. The process definitely needs to be tweaked a little.”

The complaints about the NFL and Roger Goodell are starting to get louder by the day. It’s seems like the players are fed up with him and I’m sure some fans are too.

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