Report: Klay Thompson is ‘pissed’ that the Warriors considered trading him

klay-thompsonRic Bucher has a column up at Bleacher Report examining the aftermath of the Warriors sticking their toes in the “trade for Kevin Love” waters then deciding against jumping in. The column revolves around the notion that the Warriors were the aggressors in the talks with Minnesota all along until they ultimately decided that trading for Love wasn’t in their best interest.

Meanwhile, both Klay Thompson and David Lee were left in limbo while the Warriors mulled over if they truly wanted to pull the trigger. According to Bucher, the Warriors were so serious about landing Love, they even had a trade lined up with Orlando to bring in Arron Afflalo as Thompson’s replacement.

The Warriors tried to downplay their interest in trading Thompson and Lee, but it became obvious that they were seriously considering moving both and that apparently didn’t sit well with Thompson. In fact, he is said to be “pissed” about it.

[Warriors GM Bob] Myers’ attempt to be as honest as possible is appreciated, but it has come with a price. While attempts to reach Lee or his representatives were unsuccessful, a source close to Thompson said the shooting guard is “pissed” that the Warriors legitimately considered moving him.

Thompson has one-year left on his rookie contract and the debate about whether or not he’s a max player has already begun. If he truly is pissed about all of this, the Warriors may be dealing with a budding star that isn’t interested in giving the team that wanted to trade him a discount.

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