Radio station leaks audio of Floyd Mayweather Jr. struggling to read

50-cent-floyd-mayweatherFloyd Mayweather’s name was all over the Internet yesterday after rapper 50 Cent challenged him to $750,000 bet that he can’t read Harry Potter. Mayweather has yet to respond to the rapper but after what a radio station did today, he will have to say something.

Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” is a popular hip hop radio show who has guest come on their show to talk with them. Mayweather has been on the show and was asked to read a script that all guests read to promote the show.

One of the hosts read the script in a mere ten seconds while Mayweather struggled mightily to read the same script.

Take a listen:

This is not a good look for Mayweather. I’m sure we will hear from him in the next few days about this.

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